to get fit & healthy?


I designed these workouts for my personal training clients but due to popular request from them I decided to make available to everyone.


Video Programme

No matter who you are, where you are and what fitness level you are, these are for you!

This workout pack includes four genres of workout videos.

With Flexibility, Abdominal Strength, Movement and Functional Strength workouts you can incorporate into your daily or weekly or even monthly routine.


3 Sets 10 Repetitions Each Set: There are three gluteal muscles – maximus, medius and minimus. They are important in hip flexibility and movement, as well as looking strong and fabulous.

Spending all day sitting behind a desk is guaranteed to weaken your glutes and lower back. If you sit too far forward, your hip flexors can become tight and results in not activating your glute muscles effectively.

The video above shows two variations of glute bridges.

First thirteen seconds shows variation 1.

Brace yourself, then drive the heel of the foot (right foot shown in the video) with front foot up with heels still grounded and push hips up until your body is in a straight line from your shoulders. Ensure that your chest is expanded and do not arch your lower back. Breathing is essential. Inhale and arch. Exhale and push down. Place one hand on your belly on your ribcage and bridge.

Work your booties!

Abdominal Strength

3 Sets 10 Repetitions Each Set: This targets an entire chain of muscles, most importantly, your Serratus Anterior (Side obliques), transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis and lower back muscles. This will also develop your intermuscular coordination as well as boost flexing of abdominal muscles by 24 to 38 percent over crunches done without a ball and knee raise.

The video above shows a slight torso rotation with a slightly rounded back and ensure that your elbow crosses outside your raised knee. 

Build those contracted abs under tension!


3 Sets 10 Repetitions Each Set: This cardio functional movement targets shoulders, biceps, triceps, core, quadriceps, hip stability and soleus (action of the calf muscles).

Punching with resistance bands can really enhance your workout by increasing your punching power, speed, and stamina.

The video above shows me in a split stance position and when punching my move stays non-pivoted. The objective is to activate the soleus muscles, a plantarflexion of the foot. They are powerful muscles which are vital in walking, running, moving and keeping balance.            

As you punch, remember to exhale. Purse your lips and emphasize the short and crisp exhalation of breadth as you punch. This motion drives power and in turn, it can increase your heart rate.

Punch with 100% INTENSITY and EFFORTS.

Punch away your STRESS!

Functional Strength

3 Sets 10 Repetitions Each Set: There are three tricep muscles namely, lateral, medial and long heads.

This functional strength movement strengthens arms in a different way compared with dumbbells or barbells. It allows movement in unique range of motion whereas lifting weight is done in a fixed position. The band is super adaptive for all levels as well as protecting injured or sore joints.

If you need to work harder, you pull the band tighter or add another band.

If it’s too challenging or you can’t get a proper form, you loosen the band.

Stand in a split-stance position and bring your back arm in a slightly less than 90 degree angle. Place your right hand on your left chest with one end of a band and the other hand holding the other end of a band and pull past your body in an angle that is slightly out of your body frame.

To get more triceps activation, bring your back arm a little higher and lock the arm in place to create more resistance.

Give your triceps a good pump!

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